Thursday, March 31, 2005

Terri Schiavo dead

Terri died this morning.

I'm glad for her. Finally her suffering is over!

needless to say more....


No more anonymous free 100MB+ webspace in Bulgaria

The bulgarian Dep. of Justice has told all webspace providers, that offer free, anonymous webspace with a capacity of more than 100MB, to deny access to these accounts.

The only way to reactivate them, they were told, is if the owner of the webspace shows of any form of legal ID, like a passport.

The reason, why the Dep. of Justice wants this to happen, is to hold down organized crime.

link will follow soon....

Google adds Firefox feature

From today on, Google will support prefetching for Firefox browsers.

Prefetching is a functionality, currently only support by Firefox. Google automatically instructs Firefox to start downloading the top search result before you click on them. If you click on one of the top results, the destination page will load faster than before.

Pretty cool, uuh?

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Microsoft to implement all changes required by the EU

Reuters reports today, that Microsoft said on Tuesday, that they will implement 99% of the changes required by the European Union....

This is kind of strange, since several german news sites reported, that the stripped down version of Windows has been on the market in Europe since January, 19th.

So I don't really get this. Has that version been on the market or not?

There have even been reports about the number of sales of this so-called "Windows XP N".

I'll try to dig out some more info on this....

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Adam Sandler - The Thanksgiving Song

Alright, there is a new song on air...

It's Adam Sandler's "The Thanksgiving Song"

You can believe me, it's hilarious!!!!

Just click the link to the right!

Another Windows vs Linux study... Paid by Microsoft

They have done it again.
Microsoft has once again commissoned a study about the security of Windows vs Linux.
I just don't get it. When will these marketing guys at Microsoft understand, that those studies, accepted by both sides, are not paid by one of them??

I mean, come on. I wouldn't believe in a study that saiys "Chrysler is best and safest vehicle on the surface of this world", if it is paid and initiated by Chrysler.

Somebody doing a study like this, will never (let me spell it out: n-e-v-e-r) say something against their client. You, as a client, can ask for objectivity as much as you like, but this will not change this simple fact. I will always come to a conclusion, which leaves you standing in a good light. Else, I would have to fear, that for the next study, you will ask another research institute to conduct it.

Let really independent people conduct the study. Don't pay them a dime. Then, and first then, this study will become broadly accepted.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Terri Schiavo

Anoother court has decided not save Terri Schiavos life.
How many judges have decided this way now? 5? 6? 7? GOOD!!!!!
It's true, I don't know that much about the clinical facts, but if she has been living in a coma vigil for the past 15 years, let her die in peace, for christs sake!

This is getting insane! Of course, the parents can file an appeal again, but in my opinion this would make them look even more pathetic then they are already!

Her husband has taken care of her for the past fifteen years. I think he should be able to determine wether her life is worth living or not!

I'm not saying, that he should have the right to decide about life or death, but his vote gotta count a little bit at least.

The parents last argument was, that Terri, in response to the request to say "I want to live", has formed the begining of the sentence with her mouth.

Several doctors have stated, that this probably just was uncontrolled movement of her mouth.

I gotta admit, I state a higher value on the words of several doctors, than the parents. They are probably interpretating a lot more in these mouth movements than there actually is....

So, I repeat my request:

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Great web comic

Thanks to Sven I found a great web comic.

It's called Ctrl + Alt + Del.

Can you guess what it's about? ;)

Well, two guys. One a computer games addict and the other one is actually pretty "normal" (whatever that is supposed to be). The comic is great, but you need to know quite a bit about computers and computer games to get most of the jokes!!

So, if you're into computers, you HAVE to check it out! It really is hilarious!!!

Extension for AvatarCreator

Today I have written a small extension for the AvatarCreator I mentioned yesterday.

It's actually a pretty simple class, which only took me an hour to code ;)

It only has two functions:
1. GetTemplates()
This function will read the C9 wiki page on avatar templates and return the URLs of the templates as a string array.

2. DownloadTemplate(string url)
This one downloads the xml template and checks if the needed image file is embedded. If not, it will also download the image file and return both in a multidimensional byte array. At position 0 you will find the template and at position 1 the image (if not embedded) is found.

So, let's see, if Sven feels like he can use it ;)

Friday, March 25, 2005

Creative common search

If you're in need if some items (text, images, video, etc) to use for some stuff you're doing, try Yahoo's new creative common search. You can even define the type of content you wanna have:
  • content I can use for commercial purposes.
  • content I can modify, adapt, or build upon.

So, check it out!

2 templates for AvatarCreator

Thanks to Sven Groot, Channel 9 has it's own AvatarCreator application. This app is used to create avatar pictures for use in forums. Luckily it uses a template system, which mackes it pretty easy to create templates of your own.

This afternoon I sat down to create two of those templates:

"C9 proudly presents"

and "The fence"

If you wanna have them, simply go to the AvatarCreatorTemplates page on the C9 wiki...

Different companies - different styles.

I just ran into this blog-entry thanks to Scoble, who pointed me at it. John Porcaro writes about the different ways two companies deal with their employees personal matters

I had to think about what my mom told me, when I told her about my plans to move to the U.S. one day.
She tried to explain to me, that almost everything work-related in the U.S is horrible, compared with Europe.
That you have much less holiday, worse insurance coverage, worse working environment, worse bosses. Everything worse, worse, worse.....

Of course, I was sure, this couldn't be true, since everything beeing worse just seemed unrealistic. If it were true, every U.S. citizien would have left to work in Europe or elsewhere.

After reading Johns post, i came to the following conclusion: It doesn't matter where you are or what kind of job you have, you can always be lucky in getting a good employer, or be unlucky and work for an a**hole company.

So thanks John, for restoring my confidence in my plans! Hopefully one day in the not to far future, I'll be able to pursue them!

OMG, ricebag has fallen over in China!

Check this cap from CNN last night!!

A ricebag has fallen over! And the C9 guy ist suspected!!!!


Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mystery key auction??

And another crazy guy....
Ok, actually it's not him being crazy, but the bidders....

This guy auctions a key. Finito.

You dont know what kind of key it is nor what you can do with it.
On hte auction page he states the following:

This Auction is for one Metal Key

What the key starts, opens or unlocks I will not say it's a mystery.
In order not to disclose the identity of the unknown item(s) I will not be displaying a picture of the actual Key you are bidding on.

I just don't get the bidders....


Guy walks out with 12 PSPs

Alright, this guy is just audacious....
He enters a store and walks into the back storage room.
There he graps 12 (TWELVE!!) PSP's and rushes out again.....

Get the full story here...

Destroy your enemys website

Ever dreamad of destroying your enemys website? Then you gotta check out

If there is any website out there, you wanna destroy, simply enter the URL, choose attack style and hit "GO!"...


Just found a great new service. It's called and they offer you free storage of your audio, video and textfiles.

So check it out and start posting!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

What's happening?

Can somebody explain the current activities in the computer industry to me?

I mean, within the last 48 hours I have seen like 8 take-over news....

First it was announced, that Yahoo has bought Flickr...
Also yesterday, Ask Jeeves was sold for the crazy amount of nearly 2 billion US-Dollars.
Then Pinnacle was sold to Avid and Oracle bought Retek.
Today it was announced (the most crazy news IMO), that U2-leadsinger Bono wants to buy Eidos.
The german internet bookseller takes over austrias number 4 in the market.
HP then bought Snapfisch and finally United Internet buys Affilinet and wants to take over

All this happend within 48 hours.... Come on, you CEO-Guys!! Take it easy!!

So, I'm now taking bets..... Who do you think will be bought next by whom?

First MCSE exam passed!

From today on, I can proudly call myself a "Micrsoft Certified Professional". ;)

Last Friday I passed the first exam on my way to become a MCSE!

So, as everybody would do, I guess, I added the following logo to my blog:

Monday, March 21, 2005

I'm An Intern In New York

This is one great blog. I've been reading it for some 2 weeks now and I just can't stop laughing when reading the posts. ;)

Here's an excerpt from "I'm An Intern In New York"'s latest post on St. Patrick's day:
Listen, Pat. You're a cool guy
and all, but you're just not...
Club Jesus material.

What? You wanna fight
me, Jesus? I don't care who
your dad is.

Sit down and shut your mouth!

Thanks, Simon, but I think I can
handle it from here.

You just say the word, Christ,
and his ass is grass.

I appreciate that.

I'm just saying, shouldn't we
be mopping the floor with his
face right now?

Anyone have any pieces of
silver I can borrow?

Sorry, Judas. Simon, we don't treat
people like that. You know that.

I know, I know. But, man, I just
wanna kick ass so bad! Don't you?

Sometimes. But this is about Pat.

See, he's passed out. And I didn't
even get to kick ass!

Jesus, that rash came back.
I was wondering if you could...
you know...

Fine, whatever, it's healed.

No one has any pieces
of silver?

Check Drinky McDrink-Drink
on the floor over there. I don't
think he's made it to the bars yet.

Matthew! Just for that you
get your rash back.

Oh, Jesus! But it itches so
much! Ahh!

Can I kick his ass?


Sunday, March 20, 2005



I have just added a Free Guestmap from to this blog. You can find it over to the right.
Leave your position if you don't mind ;)

Friday, March 18, 2005

Dissuasion retracted

As I posted before, the dissuasion issued to a german oxygen bottler by O2 has been retracted.
O2 and Weinmann have come to a settlement in the case.
Both companies have agreed on the respective use of the contraction as a brand.

GFX Contest

Since Josh, a member at the newly founded "Developer Division Customer Product Lifecycle Experience Team" at Microsoft, has asked users at Channel9 to help design a new logo for his team, I entered some design today which I wanted to share with you:
Since I have been doing some more logos, I've made up a website with all the logos....

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Church fights Dan Browns DaVinci Code

BBC reports, that a catholic priest is raging against The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown.

Nevermind if the "facts" in the book are true, it's about time somebody steps up and des-illusiones these people.

IMHO, the church is no different than e.g. Scientology. (check some interesting facts over here)

Both try to convince you to live life their way, any other will straight lead to hell/slavery.

Both want your money.

Both try to tell you what to do and what not to do.

The only difference is, the curch is broadly accepted!

I mean, I'm old enough to decide for myself! I'm no child which needs to be told these things.

O2 admonishes german oxygen bottler

This brand dissuasion thing is going insane!!

Since the article is in german, let me give you a short roundup:
The german mobilephone vendor called O2 issued a dissuasion to a oxygen bottler because of the use of the chemical sign for oxygen: O2
They have a product called Venti-O2, a respirator with the dimensions of 48 cm × 82 cm × 43 cm and a weight of 70 pound. There is NO WAY this thing can be confused with a mobile phone!
How can it be possible for a company to admonish another company for the use of a chemical sign which has been around for more than 100 years?

What will be next? somebody getting a dissuasion for the use of "human"? Or "International"? Or ......

This gotta stop!

Wheatus - Teenage dirtbag

After i woke up this morning, MTV Austria played one of my favorite songs. Well, at least it was, a couple of years ago. ;)

It's called Teenage dirtbag by Wheatus.
I think, it's from the "Loser" OST.

For those of you, who don't know it, here're the lyrics:
Her name is Loelle
I have a dream about her
She rings my bell
I got gym class in half an hour
Oh how she rocks
In kids and tube socks
But she doesn't know who I am
And she doesn't give a damn about me

Cause Im just a teenage dirtbag baby
Yeah Im just a teenage dirtbag baby
Listen to Iron Maiden baby
with me
Her boyfriend's a d***
And he brings a gun to school
And he'd simply kick
My ass if he knew the truth
He lives on my block
And he drives an Iroc
But he doesn't know who I am
And he doesn't give a damn about me

Cause Im just a teenage dirtbag baby
Yeah Im just a teenage dirtbag baby
Listen to Iron Maiden baby
with me
Yeeah dirtbag, no she doesn't know what she's missin
Yeeah dirtbag, no she doesn't know what she's missin

Man I feel like mold
It's prom night and I am lonely
Low and behold
She's walking over to me
This must be fake
My lip starts to shake
How does she know who I am
And why does she give a damn about
I've got two tickets to Iron Maiden baby
Come with me Friday, don't say maybe
Im just a teenage dirtbag baby
like you
Yeeah dirtbag, no she doesn't know what she's missin
Yeeah dirtbag, no she doesn't know what she's missin

I've been looking all over the place for the video, but can't find it.
If anyone knows a source, please let me know!
Found it!!!!

C# Express

Yesterday I finally found time to download and install Visual C# Express Edition.
I wanted to try it out a little bit, so I started a new project.
I had herad, it finally contained an IE control....
So, i created an usercontrol, derived from tabpage and added the IE control to it.
I then created a form, containing a tabcontrol and a textbox.
After entering an URL into the textbox, the URL was loaded inside the usercontrol.IEcontrol.
Pressing Alt+T added a new usercontrol-tabpage to the tabcontrol.

so actually it was a very, very, very simple tabbed browser.

It took me excactly 5 minutes to do all this. This is way cool!!!
I'm looking forward to the weekend, where I'll try it out some more!


Now I can finally post without having to go to the blog itself.

I'm using w.bloggar to do so....

New details on IE7

Microsoft-Watch reports that IE7 details begin to leak out.

Thanks for pointing it out, Scoble!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Microsoft to pay 60 Million dollar (,1518,346555,00.html) just reported that, according to Reuters (couldn't confirm it on their HP) Microsoft will pay 60 million dollars to to settle their patent infringement case extrajudicial.

It's a pitty that MS needs to steal from other companies. They certainly have enough money to licence everything they need. Or even enough developers to create something similiar.

Shame on you, Microsoft! Now we can't be sure anymore that the other products are completly developed by MS!

The Strand

This looks like a promising new concept.

As reported on, Daniel Myrick, co-creator of "The Blair witch Project", has done it again. Using, until now never used techniques he launches his newest project: The Strand.

The idea is pretty simple: Take some actors and some real-life people. Let them play characters and themselves in front of a camera. Use scripted and unscripted dialogues. Put the whole thing online and downloadable via BitTorrent. Give away the first epsiode for free. Charge 99 cent per episode after that.

Maybe some of the TV companies should adopt that concept for their "normal" shows.
I mean, look at me. I love watching TV series in the original format. Here in Austria it is almost impossible to get series like Smallville or King of Queens in english. But on the other hand, the german translation is just horrifying!!!
Lets look at Carrie. In english her voice is dark, smokey and incredible sexy. In german she has a high, squeeky voice like a 12-year-old. COME ON!!! Why do they have to do stuff like that? Once you have heard the original, you just aren't able to watch the translated version.

I would even pay much more than 99 cent for the original episodes in DVD quality.

Hold on a sec....Maybe there is a business oppurtunity here?

I gotta think about this for a while.....

Nice service

Found a nice service on the web
They host hundreds of music videos and let you link to their stream.
You simply choose the musicvideo you like, copy the code and paste e.g. in you blog.

Whenever i find a new video i like, I'll post it over there to the right ->

On air now: Green Day - Boulevard of broken dreams

Shift TV - the first online PVR

I just read an article (,1518,346485,00.html) in german about a PVR service called Shift TV (
It's a pretty cool concept. They record any kind of show you like and then stream to your PC whenever you want. As far as I could see, they only offer german tv channels for now, but maybe they'll expand with international ones. We'll see.

So, go check it out!

up up and away

Alright, time to start blogging as well ;)

I've been reading a couple of blogs for quite some time. Like e.g. Scobles, which inspired me to start one of my own. So here it is.

So you might wonder: "Wtf does PersInX stand for???"
Well, it's pretty simple. There are two explanations to this:

  1. Personal Information X-ing (crossing)
  2. Personal Information eXchange

I think I'll go with the first one though. It gives more possibilities (e.g. design, etc).
What I'll be posting here? I'm not too sure about that right now. I think it'll be mostly stuff that is on my mind on various subjects. Like this one:

Last night I watched the movie "Hitch" with Will Smith and Kevin James.I think it's one of the best movies Will has done so far. Not that his other movies are bad, not at all. But this one focuses on problems everyone can relate to. In case you don't know it, let me outline the story.
Kevin is a pretty clumsy finance guy, working at a company that handles the finances of Allegra Call (Amber Valleta). For quite some time he has been deeply in love with her.
But, as always, the beautiful and rich girl doesn’t notice the overweight, clumsy guy. So he calls Hitch (Will) who’s a Date Doctor. He helps guys get to the girl of their dreams. I won’t tell too much, but such a guy would be our savior! All he actually does is giving tips on how to behave on the first dates.
So if you are a little bit shy and insecure, go watch it. I’m not 100% sure, but I guess this movie gives you some good dos and don’ts for approaching the girl of your dreams. ;)

Well, after reading up to here, you probably ask yourself “who is writing this bullsh**??”

Let me introduce myself. My name is Denis; I’m 25 years old and live in Linz, Austria. Originally I am from Hamburg, Germany and I just moved here to work with a company called Fabasoft as a C# developer. In my spare time I like to read a lot (about a book a week). Currently I am trying to do the MCSE exams). I also like to do sports; at least I’m trying to tell myself that. I guess my 60 pound overweight proves me a liar. ;) On the other hand, if you look at photos of me, a year ago…. I had around 40 pound more on the hips back then. But I want to be back at my desired weight some time around summer, so I’ll start to so some sport pretty soon.

Enough of me! Now enjoy the future reading of this blog!