Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Another Windows vs Linux study... Paid by Microsoft

They have done it again.
Microsoft has once again commissoned a study about the security of Windows vs Linux.
I just don't get it. When will these marketing guys at Microsoft understand, that those studies, accepted by both sides, are not paid by one of them??

I mean, come on. I wouldn't believe in a study that saiys "Chrysler is best and safest vehicle on the surface of this world", if it is paid and initiated by Chrysler.

Somebody doing a study like this, will never (let me spell it out: n-e-v-e-r) say something against their client. You, as a client, can ask for objectivity as much as you like, but this will not change this simple fact. I will always come to a conclusion, which leaves you standing in a good light. Else, I would have to fear, that for the next study, you will ask another research institute to conduct it.

Let really independent people conduct the study. Don't pay them a dime. Then, and first then, this study will become broadly accepted.


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