Wednesday, March 16, 2005

C# Express

Yesterday I finally found time to download and install Visual C# Express Edition.
I wanted to try it out a little bit, so I started a new project.
I had herad, it finally contained an IE control....
So, i created an usercontrol, derived from tabpage and added the IE control to it.
I then created a form, containing a tabcontrol and a textbox.
After entering an URL into the textbox, the URL was loaded inside the usercontrol.IEcontrol.
Pressing Alt+T added a new usercontrol-tabpage to the tabcontrol.

so actually it was a very, very, very simple tabbed browser.

It took me excactly 5 minutes to do all this. This is way cool!!!
I'm looking forward to the weekend, where I'll try it out some more!


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