Tuesday, March 22, 2005

First MCSE exam passed!

From today on, I can proudly call myself a "Micrsoft Certified Professional". ;)

Last Friday I passed the first exam on my way to become a MCSE!

So, as everybody would do, I guess, I added the following logo to my blog:


Blogger Raakphan said...

yep... until your cert expires and you have to pony up the dough for the next one. Its a big pyramid scam really. You pay microsoft to take a test and certify you... then they "retire" that cert a year later forcing you to get the next one.

The pyramid scheme comes in with the whole... we work with M$ so you have to be certified to work here scam.

This set-up ensures that microsoft will have a steady supply of "techs" to fix the crappy software they put out.

Get a mac dude.

8:00 AM  
Blogger Stitch 2.0 said...

Unfortunatly, the company I work for expects me to do this certs. They pay for them, too. And they even connect my raises to it. So if I want to earn more money, I don't really have a choice... :)
But later on it helps me getting jobs in companies saying this, as you put it: "we work with M$ so you have to be certified to work here scam." ;)

10:15 AM  

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