Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Strand

This looks like a promising new concept.

As reported on CNN.com, Daniel Myrick, co-creator of "The Blair witch Project", has done it again. Using, until now never used techniques he launches his newest project: The Strand.

The idea is pretty simple: Take some actors and some real-life people. Let them play characters and themselves in front of a camera. Use scripted and unscripted dialogues. Put the whole thing online and downloadable via BitTorrent. Give away the first epsiode for free. Charge 99 cent per episode after that.

Maybe some of the TV companies should adopt that concept for their "normal" shows.
I mean, look at me. I love watching TV series in the original format. Here in Austria it is almost impossible to get series like Smallville or King of Queens in english. But on the other hand, the german translation is just horrifying!!!
Lets look at Carrie. In english her voice is dark, smokey and incredible sexy. In german she has a high, squeeky voice like a 12-year-old. COME ON!!! Why do they have to do stuff like that? Once you have heard the original, you just aren't able to watch the translated version.

I would even pay much more than 99 cent for the original episodes in DVD quality.

Hold on a sec....Maybe there is a business oppurtunity here?

I gotta think about this for a while.....


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