Sunday, March 27, 2005

Terri Schiavo

Anoother court has decided not save Terri Schiavos life.
How many judges have decided this way now? 5? 6? 7? GOOD!!!!!
It's true, I don't know that much about the clinical facts, but if she has been living in a coma vigil for the past 15 years, let her die in peace, for christs sake!

This is getting insane! Of course, the parents can file an appeal again, but in my opinion this would make them look even more pathetic then they are already!

Her husband has taken care of her for the past fifteen years. I think he should be able to determine wether her life is worth living or not!

I'm not saying, that he should have the right to decide about life or death, but his vote gotta count a little bit at least.

The parents last argument was, that Terri, in response to the request to say "I want to live", has formed the begining of the sentence with her mouth.

Several doctors have stated, that this probably just was uncontrolled movement of her mouth.

I gotta admit, I state a higher value on the words of several doctors, than the parents. They are probably interpretating a lot more in these mouth movements than there actually is....

So, I repeat my request:


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