Tuesday, April 05, 2005

One more crazy interpretation of the trade mark laws

We all know Intels ad slogans, don't we?

Intel inside

get Inside

Now, in Germany there are two websites. DVD-inside.de and movie-inside.de.

Intel has just asked both sides to be taken down. Because of the use of the word "inside".

How sick is this gonna get??

I mean, "inside" is a normal word, like above, below, outside.......
Just because they use it in their ad, means they can forbid everyone else to use this word???
How about me, sending an email to my (imaginary :-P ) girlfriend?
"Hey, I locked my keys inside my flat, can I come over and pick up my spare pair of keys?"
Do I violate tradmark laws by writing this? Can't be true, can it?

These company lawyers really DO have too much time...


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